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Guided Tour of the Museum of the Monnaie de Paris

  • Guided Tour of the Museum of the Monnaie de Paris
    March 18, 2018
    3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

After seeing the “Women House” exhibit at the Monnaie de Paris, we are returning to the site for a tour of its museum, to learn about the history and the techniques used in French coin minting.

From extracting metal to minting, from the hammer to the mechanical press, from antique coins to the euro, a guide helps you to discover the new museum and reveals its collections as well as the production secrets of one of the last active “factories” in Paris.

This unique venue is of full-sensory experiences in the realm of metal, designed to appeal to all publics, showcasing the mint’s heritage and know-how.

You will discover the Monnaie de Paris’ arts and crafts, its manufacturing secrets and the methods it uses to mint coins and make works of art. You will visit the foundry, the chasing and finishing workshop, and the Great Coin Mint, the heart of the mint. It was refurbished so that part of the minting process of the commemorative 2-euro coins could be carried out there.

At the centre of the manufacturing room: the focus is on the Monnaie de Paris’ craftsmanship, with workshops for engraving, casting, stamping, patina application, chasing, jewellery making, and enamelling. Tools, works in various stages of completion, demonstrations, and explainer videos show you the different techniques used by these arts and crafts. Add to your knowledge by examining the objects in the collections on display in the showcases, bearing witness to the development of minting methods.

PAN has purchased tickets for this 90-minute tour (in French) at 16€ each.

To sign up, please contact Geneviève Lobier at, and pay online above.


11 quai de Conti, Paris, 75006, France