PAN Paris

Guided Tour with Edith de Belleville “For Adults Only”: Courtesans, Madams and Brothels of the 19th Century

  • June 15, 2019
    2:45 pm - 4:45 pm

They were the stars of Paris. All women wanted to look like them, talk like them and seduce like them…These fashionable icons were the courtesans of the 19th century.  How did they succeed? How did they live? How did they inspire writers such as Zola, Balzac and Baudelaire? The City of Light also had its share of sulfurous brothels.


In this 90-minute tour you will follow Edith de Belleville in the steps of these fascinating Parisian women. Women such as La Paiva, Valtesse de la Bigne (who inspired Zola’s Nana) and Appolonie Sabatier, the muse of Charles Baudelaire.


PAN has organized this private tour with Edith.


To sign up, please contact Dimitri Keramitas at for meet-up details and pay above.


Edith typically wears high heels on her tours but we recommend that you dress appropriately for outdoor weather with comfortable walking shoes.




Méto St Georges, Paris, 75009