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Dess(e)in de Nature: A walk through Chaumet’s nature

  • June 11, 2019
    2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at 2 pm 

Paris 6  

After exploring its links with literary figures, jewelry maker Chaumet continues to share its affinity with the arts with the public, through the exhibition Dess(e)in de Nature: a fresh look at the flora and fauna that have been major sources of inspiration for the Maison since it was established. This free visit should delight both jewelry lovers, drawing aficionados and artists!


From the detailed studies evoking botanical plates made by its jewelers to the final piece, Chaumet reveals to the public, step by step, the secrets of its jeweled garden, where the most beautiful precious stones flourish.


Whether wild or tamed by man, Chaumet’s jewelers have constantly celebrated the wonder of nature throughout the ages in their drawings and designs.


Study of an oak branch for a brooch, circa 1850.

Oak leaf tiara, circa 1890 – 1900.


Free 45-minute self-guided visit. Art appreciation representatives will be present for consultation.

To sign up, register above and contact Mary Ann Rivet for meet-up details at


“For the first time, on the occasion of the exhibit Dess(e)in de Nature, Maison Chaumet unveils a selection of its vast collection of drawings and extraordinary jewelry and luxury metalwork creations. This dialogue between the pieces illustrates the fluidity between the accuracy of the naturalistic observation and the sophistication of these objets d’art as sources of emotion. The visitor is invited to discover fauna and flora in all its diversity, in its most intimate interactions. The jeweler, by integrating with nature and its design, incarnates the quintessence of the lifestyle of an era. By showing the continuity between its creations and the immense diversity of the living world, with Dess(e)in de Nature Chaumet elevates the latter to the highest level, the very definition of the sublime.”

– Marc Jeanson, Exhibition Curator –



165 bd St Germain, Paris, 75006